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Architecture Design

Our design approach is client-centered, collaborative, and comprehensive in its integration of live/work spaces, skeletal structures, utility infrastructures and technology networks to meet the full spectrum of a client’s project requirements. To that end we synthesize all A/E/C-related disciplines in every project and custom-design it according to the client’s unique aesthetic vision and functional plan for the project. Which explains why our projects neither resemble one another nor follow any boilerplate format.

Master Planning

A logical, well-conceived master plan assures architectural coherence, civic organization, social order, environmental appeal, and overall quality of life in a neighborhood, town, city or campus by assuring that all necessary parts of any of these entities are included and incorporated into a cohesive, accessible holistic vision for that area. Edge works closely with clients and civic organizations to make sure all elements of a community—residential districts, commercial/industrial centers, civic landmarks, recreational spaces, etc., and the network of roads, pedestrian paths and greenswards that knit them together conveniently—are accounted for in an urban, suburban, rural or scholastic realm.

Urban Design

Well-planned cities and towns are the lifeblood of a civilized society. They comprise a properly balanced, visually integrated network of residential communities, commercial centers, educational institutions, industrial anchors and open public spaces, all interconnected by a logically laid out network of streets, pedestrian ways, infrastructures and transportation systems to facilitate wayfinding, convenience, community integrity and, above all, the good life. Edge takes all of the above into consideration when planning communities to manifest the social ideals of all concerned.​

Strucutral & Civil Engineering

Edge’s unique integration of architectural and engineering services assures our clients that their structures will be strong, safe and serviceable in all departments. Our expert company of licensed structural engineers begins with full analyses of each project’s physical specifications and limitations so they can engineer a custom structural support system that assures clients of their facilities’ safety and efficiency for their designated uses.

MEP Engineering

Edge works closely with fully skilled and licensed mechanical, electrical and plumbing (MEP) engineers to ensure the complete integration of all electrical wiring complexes, plumbing networks, and heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) ducts and facilities into every building, complex or community we design to meet all of the utility requirements of all of their users and occupants.

Interior Design

For maximum living or working comfort, an interior space needs to be designed with the proper balance of light and shadow, window and wall space, hue and texture, and configuration of sub-spaces according to designated needs. We listen carefully to your live/work requirements to be sure they are fully manifested in the physical world we will be designing for you.

BIM Services

By using Autodesk Revit Architecture, Revit MEP and Revit Structure, we are able to create pre-construction planning design data for diverse projects with the same family of software. This level of interoperability provides obvious time and cost benefits; it also allows the entire project team to view the impact of their individual designs on those of others and to resolve the conflicts based on this knowledge. In addition to 3D parametric modelling, we provide 4D (time schedule) and 5D (cost) BIM services to our clients.


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Airport Planning

Airports are the world’s most socially, architecturally and technologically complex transportation facilities, as they are where structural integrity, operational efficiency, people movement, and especially passenger safety are of utmost concern. With that in mind, we work closely with airport service operators, management companies and civil aviation authorities to ensure that all of these criteria are met in our feasibility studies, architectural plans, structural engineering, construction supervision and commissioning for an airport project. We also take care to integrate the most advanced technologies of communication, baggage retrieval, ticketing, etc., seamlessly into the terminal design.

Hospital Planning

We design some of the world’s most medically and technologically advanced, easily accessible, and environmentally sustainable healthcare facilities. We carefully configure the interior, parking grounds, landscape and dropoff/pickup/delivery routes to optimize medical efficiency, interdepartmental communication, hospital accessibility, and safe transport of patients, goods and services. All of our healthcare designs contain human touches—engaging colors, airy atria, comfortable furnishings, child-friendly artwork, etc.—to make hospital stays and visits as pleasant as possible.

Educational Facilities Planning

Edge’s integration of art, technology and communication into each project is well synched with how high-tech, information-oriented, and monumentally symbolic our schools, colleges, universities and institutes have become. Edge thoughtfully apportions an educational facility’s diverse structures and spaces according to their respective functions, spatial/technological needs, and interrelation with one another. This results in distinctive learning environments that visually express their educational purposes in out-of-the-box ways and incorporate the latest technologies into their design.

Sustainability Consulting

Committed to protecting the surrounding environment, reducing the carbon footprint, and maintaining the health of a building’s users and occupants, Edge incorporates ecological design concepts and features into all of its projects. These include double-skin glass facades that naturally illuminate interiors and circulate air between the skins, thus saving considerable utility costs. Other energy-savers are green roofs, which provide winter insulation, summer cooling, noise reduction, and CO2 absorption. With these and other sustainable elements, Edge makes certain that each of its projects meets international environmental codes, from LEED to ASTM to ISO 14000.

Landscape Design

Thoughtful landscape design serves many purposes. It beautifies our environment with the calming aesthetic of nature. It shades us from the scorching sun with lush foliage. It provides common outdoor spaces that allow us breathing room and recreational pleasure. It helps our wayfinding with signage, walkways, benches and other street furniture. It softens hard urban edges with greenery. It sets off an important building as a distinctive landmark in its neighborhood. It reduces the carbon footprint for a cleaner environment. It knits disparate buildings together into a cohesive community. Edge’s approach to landscape design involves any and all of the above.

Value Engineering

Value is the word for Edge in all facets of all of its projects and services, so value engineering is not neglected in the process. Edge provides preconstruction evaluation and project management services to ensure that all designers, engineers, contractors, subcontractors, consultants, vendors, etc., are operating in lockstep with one another throughout the project’s duration to produce the highest quality results within established time and budget parameters.

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